Tandem Canoes

Choice of design and material have become two very important factors in determining the right canoe for you. From Royalex to Twin-tex we can make knowledgeable suggestions to suit your style of canoeing.

Esquif Blast: The Blast is the most radical wild water tandem canoe on the market. It’s shape is similar to the Nitro but longer, the Blast allows expert partners to negotiate extreme rapids.

Esquif Mistral: At 16’2” it has length for tracking and moderate rocker at the ends. Combined with our outstanding Twin Tex material, the Mistral can truly offer outstanding performance.

Esquif Prospecteur: Its arched bottom meets the freeboard with a soft, rounded chine giving the canoe exceptional glide and a reassuring feel.

Esquif Vertige X: is a lengthened and modified version of the popular Vertige. As a tandem it is an efficient and easy tracking craft that is more easily mastered than the more radical Blast.


Bluewater Freedom 17’ Tripper: The narrow beam on the Freedom 17 makes it a superb canoe for the experienced tripper. This beautifully fair asymmetrical hull, with the widest point 6" aft of the center, increases overall speed and makes paddling easier.


Bluewater Freedom 17’9” Explorer: We designed this Freedom canoe for those who loved the feel of the 17, but simply needed to carry a bigger load. The length, beam and freeboard have been increased with only subtle changes to the hull shape. The resulting boat has high stability, good speed and clean lines.

Bluewater Prospector 16’: Many lovers of traditional canoes say the Prospector is the "only" canoe they would ever want since it is such a great all-round craft. The symmetrical hull has ample stability for newcomers and yet a feel that experienced canoeists love.


Bluewater Peterborough 16’: This canoe has the same traditional upswept sheer line and fine symmetrical ends as the original Peterborough. The narrow 31" beam and slight rocker make it manoeuvrable and ideal for solo or tandem paddling with a moderate load, but has less stability than, for example, the Saugeen canoes. Because it is narrower and shallower than other 16' canoes, it has a smaller volume and is a lighter canoe. This makes it easy for one person to handle.


Bluewater Canoes

Available in a variety of layups and trim:

Fiber Glass-Satin aluminum trim, black satin trim, ash wood trim, or special edition cherry trim.

Kevlar Infusion-Satin aluminum trim, black satin trim,ash wood trim, or special edition cherry trim.

Nylon Kevlar-Satin Aluminum trim,  black satin trim,ash wood trim, or  special edition cherry trim.

New "Golden Brawn"-Satin aluminum trim, cherry/mahogany wood trim or special edition cherry trim.


Bluewater Freedom 16’6’ scout: This is a great family canoe with modern styling and performance characteristics. The wide 36" beam provides generous stability and the freeboard is a little higher than the 17' Tripper for added comfort and safety.


Bluewater Saugeen 16/6 With good reason, this is one of our most popular traditionally shaped canoes. It is stable and exhibits a good balance between tracking and maneuverability. An easy canoe to paddle, it is perfect for day trips or family excursions of two weeks or more.

Esquif Canyon: The ultimate expedition and camping canoe, the Canyon combines agility with superior carrying capacity. Its size and shape allow you to stay dry in big whitewater.

Esquif Champlain: Designed by the renowned Peterborough Canoe Company. If the Prospecteur is the versatile pickup truck of the traditional canoe genre, the Champlain is the sportscar.

Esquif Pocket CanyonThis compact, playful tandem canoe is ideally suited for short whitewater canoe trips that do not demand the length and cargo capacity of a larger tripping canoe

Esquif Avalon designed for canoe camping, the Avalon is extremely quick, light and easy to maneuver. It is built for those paddlers who occasionally face rapids.